TJ Target is a family owned and operated business since 1988. Our mission is to sell quality paper targets at reasonable prices and quantities. Our customer base is the average shooter, who needs to practice their shooting skills.

We specialize in silhouettes, pistol, gun, hostage, rifle, sighting, tactical, military, bench rest, animal and many other paper targets used for target practice. Our paper shooting targets are of the highest quality. All targets are printed on quality paper that allows bullets to create clean holes. All targets are made in the USA.

We also offer the excellent Peltor hearing protection and TTS eyewear safety protection.

All orders are shipped with United Parcel Service (UPS) within 24 business hours. During check-out process, you will see a coupon code for all orders over $35.00.  If you do not have a coupon code, please contact us either by email: questions@tjtarget.com, or phone call (330) 618-6208).

Thank you for shopping at tjtarget.com!