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50 yard target

Small Bore NRA official target for 50 yard distance is the A23/5 target.  The A23/5 is a multiple bull target that gives the shooter 5 targets at any given time.  Give these a chance and cut down walking time to change your targets.  TJ-A-23.5-BLACK updated 10 18 2015

Paper Targets

Get your NRA targets today at  Pistol targets, rifle targets, and many more NRA competition targets are available at TJ Target.  If you are the average shooter, and want a variety of targets at a fraction of the cost, shop at



A7/5 targets

Check out the 75 foot (25 yard) small bore rifle targets.  NRA A7/5 rifle targets can be used for your next competition or just for practice.TJ-A-7.5-RED-updated-270x308 TJ-A-7.5-BLACK-updated-270x308

A17 Targets

The A-17 was developed to be used for NRA competition 22 caliber shooting at 50 foot.  We have these available in both black and in red color.  Get ready for the short distance 22 competition!

TJ-A-17-270x330 TJ-A-17-RED-270x330

New Release

On Dec 13, 2015 TJ Target added the AP-2 NRA competition & Qualification target for 15 foot.  For instructions on this target use see the NRA Action Pistol Shooting Rules.

AP-2 updated 12 3 2015

SR-42C added to TJ Target product line

The SR-42C (center for the SR-42, 200 yard simulating 300 yards) has been added to our product line.  Whether you are a beginner or experience shooter, this can be the target you are looking for.  The dimensions of the target is 14″ x 14″.SR-42C

Best wishes to all this 4th of July 2015.

July-constant-contact-870x275Remember our freedom when celebrating this Independence day (July 4th 2015).  This picture is the Memorial of the USS Arizona at Pearl Harbor.  Happy 4th of July to all.  This month we are offing 12% savings on all target orders over $35.00.