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Sighting In Targets

When sighting in your weapon you need a target that will give you accurate measurements of when you shot misses the striking point.  Therefore the KWPGS red targets are the most selected accuracy target purchased at TJ Target.   It allows you the shooter the opportunity of taking multiple shots and then comparing your trigger pull, grip, scope alignment, front and rear sight adjustment.  Try these targets, and you will see!  Make your purchase today at .

TJ-KWPGS-RED[1] updated 10 18 2015

Correction Target for hand gun shooters

Shoot N C 12″ hand gun trainer target is for you if you need assistance in determining you hand gun accuracy.  Be ready for the honest feedback you have been looking for.  Use the Shoot N C technology, “combined with distinct instructional zones, not only make shot placement highly visible, but offer helpful corrections to tighten groups and build confidence”.handgun training target by shoot n c

Sighting In Target

12 inch sighting in  target s&CShoot N C sighting in target available at  Each package of targets contains 5 sheets.  Each sheet contains 5 diamonds, 12″ x 11″ grid, and 12 extra pasters to repair.  See the target you hit without using high powered spotting scope.

B6 CP targets

Get your B6 CP repair centers from  If you are getting ready for the next NRA official 50 yard Slow Fire pistol completion, use the repair centers and save your overall cost.  B-6C(P) tjtarget updated 12 3 2015

Silhouette targets for 25 yard distance

Get your B34 paper targets from us at  The B34 is used for 25 yard NRA completion target matches.  Using the B34 reverse with red center allows the shooter better vision of the bullet holes in a low light situation.  The Red center allows the shooter to see more readily.

TJ-B-34REVRC[1] compressed for webTJ-B-34RC[1] updated 10 30 2015TJ-B-34WC updated 10 30 2015

B27 Targets

Official NRA B27 targets are available in black.  Other colors of the B27 targets are red, green, blue, black with red center, reverse with red center.  Remember for NRA completion matches the silhouette must be black.  But why use only black when training or getting used to you gun sights.  Get ready for your next NRA completion match and order your B27 targets today!B-27e-REVRC updated 10 31 2015B27 black w red center 11 25 2015B-27ERED updated 10 25 2015B-27EBLUE compressed for web

B3 targets

Get your paper targets for the 50 foot slow fire today!  B3 targets in black color bull’seye, are official NRA competition targets.  Want to practice, use the B3 in red color.TJ-B-3-BLACKTJ-B-3-RED updated 10 15 2015

B2 targets

Get your 50 foot NRA competition targets from  These targets are NRA competition for 50 foot slow fire when printed in black.  If you want to practice for your next competition, try the other colors that are available. (Red, Blue or Orange).  The B2 target is for 50 foot slow fire competition. TJ-B-2-RED-270x330TJ-B-2-ORANGE[1] updated 11 4 2015TJ-B-2-BLUE[1] updated 11 4 2015TJ-B-2[1] updated 10 19 2015

50 yard target

Small Bore NRA official target for 50 yard distance is the A23/5 target.  The A23/5 is a multiple bull target that gives the shooter 5 targets at any given time.  Give these a chance and cut down walking time to change your targets.  TJ-A-23.5-BLACK updated 10 18 2015